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hi-vis jackets standard design 1

Hi Vis Jackets Standard

Our Hi visibility jackets come in our standard ENERGY CAPTAIN and SUSTAINABILITY CAPTAIN design.

Celebrate the great work down by your environment teams and promote the leadership with these effective and student empowering vests


$12.00 + GST
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hi-vis jackets custom design 1

Hi Vis Jackets Customized

Customize your own with your environment team name


$14.95 + GST
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Splat Signs

A great range of ready to go signage designed to get your energy strategy off on the right foot

Two colors, two sizes (A3) for doorways and postcard for switches and 9 different messages will keep your friendly reminders fresh and prominent


20 pack $49.95 + GST
40 pack $89 .95 + GST
60 Pack $129.95 + GST
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 infrared thermometer long range

Infra Red Thermometer Long Range (AR 842)

These popular 'Laser Guided' infra red thermometers help check temperatures of energy consuming items

Ideal for monitoring heating, cooling systems and room temperature fluctuations.

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$95.00 + GST
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 infrared thermometer short range

Infra Red Thermometer short Range (AR 330).

Short range


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$75.00 + GST
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 lux meter 1010B

Lux Meter 1010B

These compact LUX meters are fantastic for testing the level of the light in your classrooms and office. Easy to use and excellent for assessing whether the lights need to be on or not!

Comes with user guide and Australian lighting standards for light levels in classroom and office situations.

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$55.00 + GST
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 lux meter 1010S

Lux Meter 1010BS


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$49.00 + GST
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Power Mate

This fully programmable top of the range meter will show you how much energy is used, GHG Emissions and cost of running of any plug in electrical appliance. Predict future costs and emissions with a business as usual approach.


$325 + GST
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Eco Switch

This simple and clever Eco Switch is designed for those hard to reach switches that never get turned off. Ideal for photocopiers, printers, computers and any other appliances left on standby.


$19.95 + GST
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 waste recycle bins

Waste and Recycle Bins

Planet Savers were instrumental in the design of this great waste management system. Get your recycling and waste program of to flying start.


$19.95 + GST
60 litre bin + $4.95 with lid

$12.95 + GST
30-litre bin
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