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RS AuSSI VIC Energy Module - Walkthrough Assessment

Energy Module Student Assisted Walkthrough Assessment for existing schools


There are a few things we need you to get organised in order to make the Student Assisted Walkthrough Energy Assessment for existing schools, streamlined and successful.


1.) Prior to the visit

Download the following PDF's

Walkthrough Assessment Counting Sheet

  Counting Sheet

       new audit counting sheet icon



•   Download copies Walkthrough Assessment Counting Sheets for students to use to count all lighting and appliances in your school.

 **Note: Please print PDF file above, on back and front of A4 paper. Each page will then be able to accurately record the details of 4 rooms. You will need enough to count each room in the school including classrooms, offices, gym, library, storerooms, computer server etc.


RS AuSSI VIC Energy Module 5Star Sustainability Certification Tools Guide

 Intro document                                        Resource 1: Guide                                    Resource 2: Examples

intro rs aussi energy modulers energy module 5 star sustainability certification tools guidepsa resource 2-examples of follow up

 •   These document have been designed to help you meet requirements and fill in the 5Star Sustainability Certification Tools document available on SETS                 in order for you to meet the requirements to achieve the Energy Module. Please downoad a copy of each.



***Please note, The new Sustainabilty Victoria Online System has replaced the SETS program. We will be crossing over in the next month and will inform you with regards to this step. Exsisting Schools SETS data will be uploaded automatically. Contact Sustainability Victoria for more information on training for the new Online System.

•   You must make sure your SETS data is up to date one week prior to our visit with at least 12month billing history of electricity and/or gas. We will contact you within this week to ask for access to this data.                                                                                                                                                                 IMPORTANT **The Assessment must be resheduled to a later date if we can't get the necessary information from SETS required, prior to the visit.


2.) On the day

We require

 •   the principal, business manager, maintenance manager or qualified staff member to accompany us on the Assessment

 •   a group of around 6-10 of your student leadership group. Students will be responsible for Assessing (counting) electical appliances/lighting and recording the            information on the Walkthrough Assessment Counting Sheet available for download above.

 •   easy access to the SETS data (***See note above), relevant to your school with at least 12 months billing history

You will be provided with

 •   the use of the Planet Savers equipment including Hi Vis Jackets for the student group, Lux meters and Temperature Gauges.

 •   as much assistance as possible. Your role will be to put into practice! If need be, we can also assist with the implementation of recommendations.

 •   a report in the form of a Power Point Presentation which has been designed for you to easily enter information gathered on the Walkthrough Assessment,               then used to visually communicate the findings of the Assessment to the staff/students or both.

 •   photo’s taken by us during the assessment. These can be used in the Power Point Presentation or other reports you may choose to produce.

 •   recommendations of opportunities to reduce energy waste including no cost, low cost and longer term actions.

 •   demonstrations of some new tech options in lighting, timers and power board

Summary Checklist


                  •     Walkthrough Assessment Counting Sheet

                  •     Introduction Document

                  •     Resource 1: Guide

                  •     Resource 2: Examples

                  •     SETS data (up to date, one week prior to visit) (***See note above)

 On the day, we require

                  •     A qualified person to accompany us

                  •    A group of 6 - 10 Students

                  •     Access to Data Projector or Interactive White Board

                  •     Access to a laptop computer to download photo’s & reports from our USB